Forte - 152km

It's the RBC GranFondo Whistler with a small detour up to the summit of Cypress (an additional 30 KM and almost 800 meters of elevation). This new category will have 500 hearty climbers leave the start line in Vancouver at 6:05am. An earlier start time for the Forte (152km) predicts that the Forte lead riders will join the lead GranFondo riders at the base of Cypress Mountain. Please note, Forte riders must be able to maintain an average speed of 20 k/hour.

Start Location

The Forte riders will begin heading west at the Nine O’clock Gun on Stanley Park Drive and continue around Brockton Point Lighthouse, winding along the two-lane road through Stanley Park. Caution is urged at about 2.5km where riders will take a hairpin left turn and start a 3.5% climb for about 1km up Prospect Point hill to make their way onto the Stanley Park Causeway. Once on the causeway, riders will enjoy a spectacular view over the Lions Gate Bridge and up Taylor Way to get onto the upper levels Trans Canada Hwy with a right of way at all intersections. Forte riders will be traveling in the east bound lane of the upper levels Hwy and will exit on the Cypress Bowl Road onramp (east bound) to continue to the summit. On the descent, Forte riders will travel down Cypress Bowl Road until the Upper levels Hwy where they will take a sharp right turn onto the east bound onramp from the hwy. It is here that Forte riders will join the rest of the riders starting at Stanley Park.

Riders will be neutralized to 25 KM/hr until they reach the base of Taylor Way. At this point riders will be released to race. Note: Lions Gate Bridge will be closed to north bound traffic from 6:00am to 8:00am.

Start Corral

All 500 Forte riders will begin in a mass start. No seeding required. 


Total Distance: 152 km
Total Elevation: 3100 metres

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For more detailed map, visit RideWithGPS


The journey itself will be the ultimate reward, but we wouldn’t leave you without a memento of the event. All Forte riders will receive a special pair of Forte socks. Please note, Forte time will be determined by Gun Start and Chip finish.