Rider Info

The official 2017 Rider Guide will be posted here closer to the event. We will email all registered riders when it is released.

All event identification must be worn during the event. It includes: wristbands, bike plate, and bib and is handed out at the Welcome GranFesta. They are required for entry into all our Rest Stops, to retrieve your bike from the Finish area bike parking, and access bag check, massage services, and Celebration Plaza. Please do not remove the tabs from your wristband!

Ride Safety

GranFondo Canada has worked closely with local authorities to deliver the unique cycling experience that is RBC GranFondo Whistler. Although this is not a race, we know that anything can happen out there on the road.

When riding, consider:

  • Should you see and/or hear an emergency vehicle in response mode (lights and/or sirens) you are asked to immediately and safely slow down, pull over to the side of the roadway and dismount your bicycle.
  • In the case of emergency, dial 9-1-1.
  • In the case of an issue on-course requiring assistance please dial the number on the back of your plate.
  • Review the Ride Rules and Guidelines on the website (http://granfondowhistler.com/registration/rules) and be familiar with BC’s Rules of the Road for bikes.

NOTE: Cell phone service is unavailable on parts of the route. If you do not have access to cellular service, and require assistance, please flag a Ride Marshal or Moto to assist.

Start Times

All riders are expected to be in their corrals 15 minutes before the event start. All riders will begin with a neutralized rollout for the first several kilometres so simply sit tight, settle-in and enjoy the escort out of town. Exact times for corral starts will be posted in the summer of 2017.

Come with your full water bottles! No water or food is provided at the Start line. Your next opportunity to fill up your bottles is at Horseshoe Bay.

Neutralized Rollout

No need to rush! At the front of the Start Corrals you will find the on-course support members (some on bicycle and some on motorcycles):

  • Ride Marshals
  • Mechanic
  • Medical

As each Start Corral is signalled to start, the group will roll out at 25km/h. Each Start Corral will be released in order and there will be a bit of a gap provided between each group. There is no rush as the timing system uses chip timing and is not activated until you cross the Start Line with the exception of the Giro which will use Gun Time to determine results.

Course Details

Cut Off Times

GranFondo Canada has worked with the BC Ministry of Transportation and communities along the route to provide riders with a dedicated lane width from the start to the finish. To take advantage of the dedicated lane (adjusted for the last rider crossing the start line) riders will need to be clear of these locations by the following times:

Rest Stop at Galileo Coffee Company  
Rest Stop at Alice Lake 
Rest Stop at Salt Shed 
Finish line in Whistler 

Riders able to maintain an average speed above 25 km/h (including rest stops) will have no planned stoppages for the duration of the route (please be aware that emergency situations will of course have priority over the event).

Riders able to maintain an average speed between 15 km/h and 25 km/h (including rest stops) will have no planned stoppages, but there may be instances where traffic control flaggers or police will pause riders briefly to relieve backed up traffic.

Riders must maintain an average speed of 15 km/h (including rest stops) in order to stay within the event. If you are travelling below the 15 km/h average speed, you will at some point be passed by the Event Sweep vehicle. This vehicle will be the first of the Sweep Entourage vehicles. All the vehicles in the Sweep Entourage and their respective roles are as follows:

  1. Event Sweep - Represents the tail end of the official event. It is an indicator to riders, event staff, spectators etc. that all riders following behind it are following rules of the road (more details provided below).
  2. Rider Bus - Will offer a ride to the finish line in Whistler to any riders following behind the Event Sweep vehicle.
  3. Bike Van - Will transport the bikes of any riders accepting a ride to the finish line in Whistler.

All official, on-course event support will be closed after the Event Sweep vehicle passes. If you are passed by this vehicle, you will be stopped by the Rider Bus and offered the opportunity to hop on a ride to the finish line and be fully supported in Whistler. The Bike Van in the Sweep Entourage will take your bike to Whistler.

If you do not accept a ride to the finish line and decide instead to continue riding, the following details are in effect for the duration of your ride to the finish line:

  • You shall continue your ride according to BC’s Bike Sense Rules of the Road (Bike Sense BC), which means you must ride in the shoulder of the highway and obey all traffic signals
  • The dedicated lane may be removed even while you are in it
  • The special event traffic control implementation at intersections and along the route may be removed
  • The event signage may be removed
  • Water, mechanical, nutritional and medical support from the event may be unavailable for the remainder of your trip
  • If you are unable to reach the finish line by 3:45pm, your finish time may be recorded as Did Not Finish (DNF)

NOTE: If for any reason you are able to speed up and pass the Event Sweep vehicle, please do so safely and then you are considered back in the event if you can hang on ahead of it to the finish line.

On Course Support

All riders are fully supported along the course with Rest Stops. No need for support crews to follow riders – we’ve got you covered. 

All Rest Stops will supply:

  • Fresh water
  • Nutritional supplements including Vega Sustain Endurance Gel, Energy Bar and Electrolyte Hydrator
  • First Aid attendants will be available to help with any ailments to your body
  • Toilets
  • Mechanical assistance with fully trained mechanics and tools available to assist riders in making repairs

Please note: Rest Stops will have nutritional supplements available but are not intended to provide the primary meal for riders during the day.

LOCATIONFORTE (152km course)GRANFONDO (122km course)MEDIO (55km course)
Rest Stop at Horsehoe Bay 
51 km
20 km
Rest Stop at Galileo Coffee Company
81 km
51 km
Rest Stop at Alice Lake 
103 km
73 km
6 km
Rest Stop at Salt Shed 
118 km
88 km
21 km
Rest Stop at Brandywine Chainup Area
134 km
107 km
40 km
Finish line in Whistler 
152 km
122 km

Mechanical and medical assistance will be available during the ride from roving agents on an as-needed basis. To signal that you want mechanical assistance, turn your bike upside down so it rests on the saddle and handle bars. This will clearly indicate you are waiting for assistance. 


All riders will receive an electronic timing chip. At the end of the ride, you’ll have information about your overall riding time. Results will be posted on our website by midnight on event day. Results will also be available in Celebration Plaza.

Please note, improperly mounted timing chips could result in no time being recorded. Ask our timing team at Package Pickup for a demonstration of how to properly mount your chip.

A team’s finishing time is based on the time the 5th rider crosses the finish line. For mixed gender teams, the team time must include the time of at least two males and two females. Teams of less than 5 members can participate, but will NOT receive an official team finish time. Instead, results for these teams will be reported as individual times.

King and Queen of the Mountain (KOM and QOM)

This is the 1.5 km “climb to royalty” at Furry Creek Hill - approximately 47 km into the ride for the GranFondo riders and 90 km for the Forte. You are encouraged to challenge yourself to be recognized as the King or Queen of the Mountain. The fastest male and fastest female to finish the climb will receive a polka dot jersey!

Return Bike Transportation 

A bundled package for bike and passenger is available for sale in the event store. Options will also be available at the Welcome GranFesta at the Solutions Desk.

Spectator Information

Spectators can be part of the RBC GranFondo Whistler experience too! Residences and businesses along the route will have front row seats as thousands of participants challenge themselves up the Sea to Sky corridor.

The following locations are recommended spectator areas:

  • 7:00am (West Vancouver) - Cheer on the riders on Taylor Way Boulevard as they approach the 7 km mark and prepare for the first steep climb
  • 8:00am (Squamish) - The riders will pass by Mamquam Road in Squamish at the 67 km mark. Spectators can watch curbside at Garibaldi Village Mall
  • 10:00am (Whistler) - The first riders will cross the finish line on Blackcomb Way. Spectators are encouraged to join in the celebration from the Whistler Olympic Plaza